Writing A Will

Will WritingWriting a Will is one of the most important thing to do as a responsible adult. Without a valid Will, the law in Malaysia determines who your beneficiaries will be, and how much they will receive.

However, the bigger problem will be potential delays and added costs in order to get the assets unfrozen.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the problems that are created when a person dies without leaving a valid Will, or encountered it first hand. If you have experienced this problem before, I’m sure you do not want your own family to go through the frustration of waiting for legal matters to proceed so slowly, while your family is desperate for the assets to be released to your family.

Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place! We want to congratulate you because you have taken the first step to protecting your family.

Besides helping you draft a valid Will, we provide our expertise to guide you through selecting executors, guardians, and perhaps creating a trust if necessary to ensure your next of kin is protected.

Many Malaysians don’t think about having a Will written. They assume that their assets will automatically go to their immediate family members when they pass away. While it is true that the assets will eventually go to the family, the process is a lot longer and cost more. You also have no say who gets the assets.

If you talk to those who have family members pass away without a proper Will, you will often hear stories of delays, frustrations and extra money incurred to obtain their rightful inheritance. Do not let your family go through this avoidable hardship.

It is great that you have started to think of writing your Will. We urge you not to delay writing a Will because  you’ll spare your family members from unnecessary heartache and expense in the future. A Will is a wonderful way to express your love for your family too.

If you find the information here useful, please share it with your family and friends! You are doing them a favour.

Eventually, everyone needs to write their Will? Why not do it today to enjoy the benefits! Read this article on where and how to start writing your Will

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